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    Full-Service Logistics ON & OFF Railroad Properties.


    Services Include:

    • Receiving Cost-Efficient 
      Bulk Shipments
    • Delivery to Customers as Needed
    • JIT Inventory Management
    • Improved Customer Inventory 
      Cycle Times
    • Secure Storage & Weighing Capabilities
    • Expertise in Material 
      Handling & Repackaging

    Warehousing Storage:

    • 260,000+ sq. ft. Under Roof
    • 40 Acres Fenced Storage
    • 30 Ton Overhead Crane Capacity
    • 35 Ton Forklift Capacity

    Project Reviews

    R. J. Corman Distribution Centers: Lumber Expansion Project to Serve Canfor Corporation
    Fall of 2019 was an exciting time for the R. J. Corman South Union Distribution Center in Woodburn, KY.... Read More
    R. J. Corman Distribution Centers: Storing and Shipping Cold Rolled Aluminum Coils for Constellium-UACJ

    In September of 2016, Constellium-UACJ opened in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Constellium is an aluminum production facility that provides parts for the automotive industr... Read More