Thursday, July 28, 2016

And then there was one…

Full-size pickup trucks usually carry the reputation as “indestructible”, mostly due to their stature.  Well, size doesn’t always mean that they are safe. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) challenged this theory in a round of crash-tests. The IIHS put extended-cab and crew-cab versions of the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, Ram 1500, and Toyota Tundra through its full battery of tests. Of the seven vehicles tested, Ford was the only model to pass the small-overlap crash test earning the “good” rating that is required to obtain the Top Safety Pick award.
F-150 small-overlap crash test
Dodge Ram 1500 small-overlap crash test

The crew-cab and extended-cab versions of the Ram 1500, as well as the crew-cab Toyota Tundra and Chevrolet Silverado, earned a “marginal” rating in the small-overlap test. Fairing slightly better were the extended-cab versions of the Tundra and the General Motors pickups gaining an “acceptable” rating. The IIHS reported that all of these models allowed for a substantial breach into the passenger area, particularly in the driver’s foot well.  “Drivers in these pickups would need help freeing their legs from the wreckage following a small-overlap crash,” said IIHS Vehicle Research Center vice president Raul Arbelaez in a statement.

F-150 Crew vs. Extended Cab 2015 IIHS crash test
The IIHS decided to test the two different body styles this year due to the significant structural counter measure discrepancies found between the crew and the extended-cab in the 2015 Ford F-150 last year.  In 2015, the crew-cab models received a “good” rating, while the extended-cab models received a “marginal”. Ford has since fitted additional structure to all versions of the F-150 to ensure a passing rating all around.  It only seems likely that the other companies will soon follow suit with similar structural changes to improve their performance on these IIHS tests. Watch the IIHS You Tube video here.

If you are looking to build the ultimate work truck, then Fleetwest offers innovative solutions. Our service bodies are a universal fit for most full size pickup trucks including Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Toyota. These service bodies are fully transferable from one truck bed to another, even fully loaded, thus eliminating any downtime required for vehicle maintenance or repair. Transfer on/off via crane, forklift or lifting jacks is made possible by a no-holes drilled installation. Fleetwest utility bodies can be customized for your trade, provide additional storage and offer more flexibility to improve technician efficiency. For more information, call a Fleetwest representative toll-free in the U.S. at (866) 497-7200.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Prime Design: Rear Access Ladder

Prime Design, a Safe Fleet brand, introduces a new product that makes accessing 
equipment on high-roof cargo vans safer. Weighing less than 20 pounds, the ladder 
installs in minutes without drilling and eliminates using a slippery tire or bumper as 
a step surface providing superior stability in accessing roof cargo. Made from anodized
aluminum, the ladder resists corrosion from harsh road chemicals and provides
Prime Design’s standard three-year warranty.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Own a Dale Jr. No. 88 Special Edition

Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet Silverado
Photos and information are courtesy of Hendricks Motorsports and various blogs.
You’re used to seeing the No. 88 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS every weekend on NASCAR, but Dale Jr. is also an enthusiastic truck aficionado. Dale Earnhardt Jr. teamed up with Hendricks Motorsports to create a truck inspired by his personal journey with his favorite GM trucks. Now race fans will have a chance to own a Dale Jr. No. 88 Special Edition Chevrolet Silverado of their very own.

The special edition is available on the 1500 Crew Cab Short Bed models. It includes premium GM accessories, such as the sports bar with LED off-road lights, nudge bar and custom off-road step bars; adorned with black Chevy bowtie emblems and a dynamic five-spoke 22” machined black wheels that sport rugged all-terrain tires. To connect with NASCAR fans, custom No. 88 badges are featured as well as a 3D tilted graphic across the unique black tailgate decal.

It’s not just an eye-catcher either. Speed and power are important to Earnhardt’s SS on the track, so of course additional horsepower was added to this special edition. That horsepower comes courtesy of a specially designed Borla exhaust system, highlighted by performance tips.

In a Hendricks Motorsports press release, Earnhardt said, “I had a lot of fun working on this with Hendricks Motorsports.” “I’ve always owned Chevy trucks, and for me, tricking them out is a large part of the fun of owning one.” “I’m really proud of how this one turned out,” Earnhardt said. ”I hope the fans love it as much as I do.”
Although GM has not published a press release on the truck, the Dale Jr. No. 88 Special Edition is exclusively available at participating Chevrolet dealerships.

"Big Red" give-away 2013This special edition build reminds me of the custom “Big Red” give-away by Pro Pickup Magazine back in 2013. Pro Pickup Magazine took a fully loaded Chevy 3500, topped it with a Fleetwest Load’N’Go Powerbody and painted it a matching red. It was a thing of beauty!

Fleetwest has the work truck solutions to suit your trade. Our utility truck bodies are ergonomically engineered to provide the convenience and flexibility needed to increase your productivity. They are 100% transferable, even fully loaded, from one truck bed to another with a no-holes drilled installation. Customize from our list of options, from custom shelving and slide out trays to ladder racks. Everything you’d need to turn your truck into the ultimate work truck.  Call a Fleetwest representative and get started today! Toll-free in the U.S. at (866) 497-7200.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Safe and easy truck bed removal

The removal of a truck bed is sometimes necessary to perform certain repairs, such as fuel pump replacement. This task could be performed by four guys lifting the bed by hand. Not only is this a risky procedure, but finding available and willing friends to do such dangerous work can be hard to come by. Motor City Lift King just made a truck bed removal a safe and easy one-man job.

The patented Lift King requires no power and folds up for easy storage with measurements of 42” wide, 30”deep and 84”tall. This product is designed to be used by one person as a fast, easy and safe way to remove/install a pick-up truck bed, topper, door, and semi hood. The Lift King features a safety system to protect the product and the operator. Various attachments allow the Lift King to be utilized for the different jobs and all attachments are switched out with only a few pins. For more information, visit

At Fleetwest, our transferable truck bodies don’t require you to remove your truck bed. In fact, that’s one of our selling points. Our steel Load’N’Go and fiberglass composite utility bodies are fully transferable, even fully loaded, made possible with a no-holes drilled installation. They can be transferred on and off in minutes with the use of our lifting jacks, forklift or crane. I’m thinking we may have to give this Lift King a try as well.

Fleetwest utility truck bodies have more cubic feet of storage than Bolt-On bodies and have a better return on investment. With the additional storage, flexibility and efficiency alone, Fleetwest provides fleet solutions to reduce your operational costs while improving your productivity. For more information or a detailed quote, call us toll free in the U.S. at (866) 497-7200 or visit

Innovative Fleet Solutions…Transferability Changes Everything!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Whose coming north and who's going south...

As you may already know, back in April, Ford announced its plan to build a new auto factory in Mexico to resume building the Ranger and Bronco for the U.S. market. The $1.6 billion assembly plant will be built in the San Luis Potosi state and it’s expected to generate 2,800 jobs. It is said to also take-over production of some of the company’s small cars which are currently being produced in the U.S., according to the Associated Press.

Republican presidential campaign front-runner Donald Trump ridiculed Ford’s plans, saying it will just continue to drive down wages in the U.S. and increase unemployment. Trump believes that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is the cause of heavy job loss in the United States. He said that, if elected president, he will alter the NAFTA so that it will punish the U.S. companies that continue to operate under the original 1994 agreement.

In response to Trump’s judgment, Ford expressed that it continues to heavily invest in the United States. Ford reported that it currently spends more than 80 percent of its capital in the U.S. and plans on spending $8 to $9 billion more over the next four years.

Now a  month after Ford’s announcement, apparently General Motors plans to move its pickup production back to the United States from south of the border. According to The Detroit News, a memo from the United Auto Workers Local 598 reports that GM’s Flint Assembly will be taking on pickup production from the company’s plant currently in Silao, Mexico. 

The memo states, that the Flint plant will have to add a Saturday shift and possibly hire part-time workers to help with the increased work load next year. The plant currently employs approximately 2,800 workers. The UAW feels that the production move will satisfy customers that want more vehicles produced in the U.S. We all know how Trump will feel!

Fleetwest is proud to say that our Load’N’Go transferable truck bodies are made in the USA. They universally fit most standard pickup trucks like Ford, GM, Dodge and Toyota with 8’ and 6.5’ beds. The Load’N’Go is fully transferable from one truck bed to another, even fully loaded, with a no holes drilled installation. They are made with heavy duty 16 gauges steel and finished with a rugged white powder coat. Call a representative today for a quote at (866) 497-7200.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A new breed takes safety to the next level

Safety is always of top priority amongst all Fleets; not only for drivers, but for pedestrians and other vehicles in general. The average mid-sized truck has a blind spot that can extend up to 160 feet behind the vehicle, according to the National Safety Council. The larger utility trucks can find it even more challenging to see pedestrians, vehicles or property when backing a vehicle due to their wider bodies and that they sit higher off the ground. For these reasons, a growing number of utility fleets are installing backup cameras to reduce incidents and increase rear visibility.

A Newport Beach, Ca. based company, Convoy Technologies, has stepped up the game with their vehicle camera systems. Their technology equips a backup camera with a motion sensor that automatically turns on the camera, records footage and even alerts the fleet manager in real time when someone is attempting to steal equipment from a truck. The camera is also combined with GPS telematics data to help exonerate drivers and the company from false claims.

Aptly named Videomatics, Convoy Technologies ( has trademarked this combination of technology with cameras, digital video recorders and telematics. Videomatics provides drivers and management with live and recorded video from inside and around a vehicle accessible via PC, tablet or smartphone. Thus generating high-quality video evidence for fleets in proving fault for incidents and also improving drivers overall behavior.

At Fleetwest we take safety very seriously. All of our units are designed with technician safety in mind. The Fleetwest fiberglass composite utility bodies provide higher safety ratings with their 60/40 rear door split for safer curbside cargo access. Convenience and ergonomics are paramount with our ‘perimeter standing access’ with which the total content of the capsule can be reached from the outside. Therefore, no more head, neck or back injuries from crawling in and out of a van. Not to mention an array of additional options including:

·        single or dual slide outs- to safely load and unload heavy equipment
·        side mount and backup cameras-to assist with visibility and reduce incidents
·        additional interior and exterior LED lighting- to shed some light on your tools  and work area
·        low-profile ladder racks- for safe loading/unloading of ladders and easy  access for garages

I almost forgot to mention that they are 100% transferable! This unibody capsule will transfer from one truck to another, even fully loaded! To learn more about our transferable truck bodies, call a Fleetwest representative toll-free in the U.S. at (866) 497-7200.   

Composite Truck Bodies,CTB, by Fleetwest
“Innovative Fleet Solutions”

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Re-Engineered, Re-Branded, and Ready to go!

Fleetwest has re-engineered their popular fiberglass Composite Truck Body.  The newly branded CTB 175 & 145 models, formerly known as the Durashell, are fitted with larger 60/40 rear split doors, water drip channels, truck-grade hardware and heavy duty slam-latching mechanisms redesigned for years of use. They universally fit most full-sized pickup trucks with a no-holes drilled installation that allows them to be transferred on/off a standard truck bed, even fully loaded. It’s ergonomically engineered with an industry leading 320˚ perimeter standing access. All still available with a multitude of options. 

Options could include:
  • Custom shelving
  • Additional LED lighting
  • Single or dual 1000 lb. capacity slide outs 
  • Patented low-profile ladder rack. 

Re-Engineered & Re-Branded CTB 175 by Fleetwest

For more information call (866) 497-7200       

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